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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Hijack Kernel Questions
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·  About Hijack FAQ. 
·  What is the Hijack Kernel? 
·  What features does Hijack offer? 
·  What does Hijack require to work? 
·  Where can I get Hijack? 
·  Is it dangerous to install Hijack or a hacked Kernel? 
·  How do I install Hijack? 
·  Is there a way to automatically update Hijack with the newest release? 
·  How do I access Hijack's menu on the empeg/RioCar? 
·  What do all of the Hijack menu items do? 
·  How do I configure Hijack's options? 

·  What options for Hijack are available in config.ini?
 (Entry last updated on March 29th, 2003)

Configuration options for Hijack generally follow the config.ini format as follows:

option=variable ;comment
Any option in config.ini can be modified with one of the following:
Hijack intercepts config.ini as it is read by the player on startup, and edits the file in-memory using ;@AC, ;@DC, ;@HOME and ;@WORK directives. If the "Home/Work Location" menu is set for ;@HOME, then lines beginning with ;@HOME will be enabled, otherwise lines beginning with ;@WORK will be enabled. If the player is on AC power (plugged into the wall), then lines beginning with ;@AC will be enabled; if it's on DC power (in the car/docking sled), then lines beginning with ;@DC will be enabled. This means the trailing portion of those lines will be passed to the player, and the next existing line (if any) lower in the file with the same setting will be commented out. Which allows things like this:

;@AC fake_tuner=1
;@WORK kftpd_password=n0H4cKz
;@AC and ;@DC get processed first, then ;@HOME and ;@WORK.

The logic for this is clever enough to only do the edit when the player itself is reading config.ini on startup, so this will not affect emptool, emplode, ftp, or http access to config.ini.

The following is a complete (i hope) listing of all Hijack options available to add to config.ini, under what section they go, as well as a brief description. Generally, 1=on, 0=off.

Section Option Description
[output] notify=1 Allows access to /proc/empeg_notify on the player, which is created by the Hijack kernel. The data shown in /proc includes track name/fid/position/artist/album/etc.. the same is dumped to the serial port by notify=1. Also allows for initial sequences of button presses to be run as soon as the player starts up with "Initial=xxxxx" lines in IR_Translate. Also shows FID in Vital Signs screen. If you're trying to get serial output when docked in the sled, make sure you also have [serial]car_rate=115200 in your config.ini
[ir_translate] xxxxxxxx=vvvvvvvv This button just sends "v" when "x" is pressed
xxxxxxxx=yyyyyyyy,zzzzzzzz,wwwwwwww This button sends "y","z", and "w" when "x" is pressed.
PopUp0=Info,Mark,xxx,... This creates a PopUp menu containing the items definded.

You can define up to 4 PopUps by numbering them: PopUp0, PopUp1, PopUp2, and PopUp3

Menus can be nested.

This menu can be attached to any button via translation for Example: "Bottom.L=PopUp0" equates to a long press of front-panel bottom button pops up a menu.

To attach this menu to the "quick knob press" (as was the default until v154), just go into the main Hijack menu and select "PopUp0" in the "Knob Press Redefinition" menu. The default settings for PopUp0 are: Clock (displays clock), Info (switches to next info mode, KnobSeek (if selected, knob will act as seek on remote to switch to next or previous tracks), Mark (marks track for attention), NextSrc (goes to next Source), Shuffle (toggles shuffle on or off), VolAdj (allows you to change VOLAdj settings, and Visual (switches to next visual). This is handy when you don't have a remote on you.
For Full details on how to configure the ir_translate section, see this FAQ entry.
[hijack] buttonled_off=n Sets the illumination level of the LED's when the player is in standby if you have Brian Mihulka's (or your own) button LED hack installed. n is an integer from 0 to 7. Without this entry, the buttons will remain illuminated at the lowest level when the unit is in standby.
(removed in v289)
Default value shown; (1/100ths of a second)
With very long macros in [ir_translate], the player software may sometimes discard button presses mid-sequence. To help prevent this, the translation code inserts small delays between button press/release pairs in the data stream it feeds to the player. In the event that the default value proves too short, it can be modified with this option.
dc_servers=1 Allows kftpd/khttpd to run in DC/Car mode, which is off by default otherwise.
disable_emplode=1 Disallows emplode access via ethernet. Blocks TCP port 8300 (Emplode/Emptool)
extmute_on=xxxxxxxx Buttoncode to inject when EXT-MUTE goes active.
Example: When empeg/RioCar's mute line is triggered as on (as setup in emplode), you could have the empeg switch to AUX instead of muting the player.
extmute_off=xxxxxxxx Buttoncode to inject when EXT-MUTE goes inactive.
ir_debug=1 Output to help debug IR/button issues.
This will spew raw IR codes to the serial port, along with some internal state flags and such. You can ignore most everything except the first 8-digit value on each line (the raw press/release codes). This debug data comes straight from the Hijack IR handler.
spindown_seconds=30 Drive spindown timeout in seconds for hard drives (default shown).
Since kftpd/khttpd can leave them spinning "forever" otherwise. A value of 0 disables automatic spindown.
fake_tuner=1 Makes empeg/RioCar think it has a tuner attached when it really doesn't. Allows people to see what the tuner functionality looks like (display, menus, etc..) before purchasing an expensive tuner module, and use of the "PrevVisual" button translation (coming soon in Hijack), which only works via the tuner interface. Also allows trace_tuner if you don't have a tuner. If you have a tuner and "fake_tuner" is activated, it will silently reset "fake_tuner=0" and continue.
trace_tuner=1 Hijack will dump out incoming packets from the Tuner/Stalk to serial interface (/dev/ttyS0). Eventually, Mark'll add button emulation for these codes, enabling the [ir_translate] facility to operate on them.
old_style=1 Use "original style" of hijack menus in which menu items weren't "highlighted".
quicktimer_minutes=x Amount of minutes to increment the quicktimer function by when |<< or >>| is pressed on the remote after activating the Quicktimer option by holding "4" on the remote.
standby_minutes=30 Number of minutes to automatically stop the player and put unit in standby after the screen blanker fires (default shown). When playlist completes, screen blanker begins countdown regardless of screen activity, then it triggers standby counter.
temperature_correction=-4 Adjust all hardware temperature readings by this celcius amount (default value shown).
menu_remove=label Removes menu item from Hijack menu. Works for all menu items.
Example: "menu_remove=Knob Rotate Redefinition"
suppress_notify=1 For use with [output]notify=1 to suppress notify/dhcp serial port output.
PopUp1=name Used to name popups defined in IR_Translate section, EX: "PopUp2=Tweak" renames PopUp2 menu to "Tweak" instead.
max_connections=4 Maximum number of simultaneous ftp/http connections (default shown).
kftpd_control_port=21 kftpd control port (default shown)
0 to disable ftp access.
kftpd_data_port=20 kftpd data port (default shown).
kftpd_password=xxxxx Require FTP password, replace x's with password.
kftpd_verbose=1 kftpd verbosity. If on, Hijack FTP server will log all accesses to the kernel log facility, which on the Empeg just dumps to the serial port (connect something to the serial port to see the log messages as they occur). If you want better record keeping, install (or write/install) a syslog daemon onto the player, and configure it to do whatever you want, like remote log spooling or whatever.
rootdir_dotdot=1 Causes '..' to appear in FTP/HTTP directory listings of "/" (the top-level directory).
time_offset=nnn Adjusts the time offset for the "Clock" virtual button code. Since the Player software does not pass timezone information to the kernel, the time may appear wrong when the "Clock" virtual button code is used. This offset is specified in minutes, and can be preceeded with a minus sign if need be.
kftpd_show_dotfiles=1 Shows '.*' in all directory listings.
khttpd_port=80 khttpd port (default shown).
0 to disable http access.
khttpd_verbose=1 khttpd verbosity. If on, Hijack HTTP server will log all accesses to the kernel log facility, which on the Empeg just dumps to the serial port (connect something to the serial port to see the log messages as they occur). If you want better record keeping, install (or write/install) a syslog daemon onto the player, and configure it to do whatever you want, like remote log spooling or whatever.
khttpd_dirs=0 Prevents HTTP directory browsing/listing. Defaults ON otherwise.
khttpd_files=0 Prevents HTTP file downloading except for "streaming". As of Hijack v202, access to any files ending in .htm, .html, .gif, .jpg, .png, .xsl, .jar, .js, and/or .css is allowed when khttpd_files is set to 0. Defaults ON if option is not specified.
khttpd_playlists=0 Prevents HTTP playlist browsing/playing. Defaults ON otherwise enabling "?.html" or "?.m3u" functionality.
khttpd_commands=0 Disallows HTTP Hijack commands passing through http. Defaults on otherwise enabling "?commands" capability.
khttpd_show_dotfiles=1 Shows '.*' in all directory listings.
khttpd_style=xxxxxx.xsl Defines the full path to the .xsl template (style sheet), with extension, for Hijack to look for for XML formatting. If this option is not specified, Hijack looks for /default.xsl.
VolAdjLow=0x1800,100,0x1000,25,60 Default value shown. More info soon.
VolAdjMed=0x2000,409,0x1000,27,70 Default value shown. More info soon.
VolAdjHigh=0x2000,3000,0xc00,30,80 Default value shown. More info soon.
volume_boost_FM=nnn Increases or decreases the volume from the current setting when in FM mode. Say you're listening to MP3's in the player and when you switch to FM radio, it's always quite and you have to turn the volume up, this is how you'd make the adjustment automatic. (patch initially provided by Genexia)

nnn is a number between -100 and 100 (i.e. -100 <= nnn <= 100). Each step of boost or cut is approximately 0.5dB if your normal volume is in the range of -25dB to -3dB.
volume_boost_AM=nnn Same as above for AM radio.
-100 <= nnn <= 100
volume_boost_AUX=nnn Same as above for AUX input.
-100 <= nnn <= 100
volume_boost_MP3=nnn Same as above for the player (MP3).
-100 <= nnn <= 100
disable_bassboost_FM=1 Removes the additional +6dB bass boost that Mk2/Mk2a players apply on the FM input.
stalk_debug=1 Enables the dump out of all intercepted/generated Sony stalk packets.

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