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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Hijack Kernel Questions
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·  About Hijack FAQ. 

·  What is the Hijack Kernel?
 (Entry last updated on March 14th, 2002)

Hijack is a hacked empeg/RioCar kernel written by Mark Lord that adds a host of new features to the empeg/RioCar. It includes Richard Lovejoy's VolAdj hack, IR translation so you can use third party remotes and remap buttons, a game, a built-in FTP and HTTP server, Christian Hack's v1.0 DelayTime hack (as of v201), Brian Mihulka's lighted button hack (as of v202), Genexia's Bass and Treble Tone adjustment hack, an easy way to attach other userland apps, and a bunch of additional features accessible through it's own menu system.

If the word "kernel" scares you... don't worry. Simply put, Hijack adds a slew of new features to your player at no risk, and is easy to install. It fixes many of the problems with the player software that people have complained about in the past. It's simple on the surface, so anyone can use it, and if you aren't afraid of doing a little config.ini modifacation or coding of your own, it's an incredibly powerful tool.

Who is Mark Lord? Well... in Mark's own words:
"I've been hacking Linux as a member of the core Linux kernel development team since 1992, best known as the original "Linux IDE Guy", writing/maintaining the drivers for ATA/IDE disks, tapes, cdroms, etc.. I wrote my first Pong implementation on an Apple-II computer in 1981. So, I guess I do have a little experience with this stuff."

·  What features does Hijack offer? 
·  What does Hijack require to work? 
·  Where can I get Hijack? 
·  Is it dangerous to install Hijack or a hacked Kernel? 
·  How do I install Hijack? 
·  Is there a way to automatically update Hijack with the newest release? 
·  How do I access Hijack's menu on the empeg/RioCar? 
·  What do all of the Hijack menu items do? 
·  How do I configure Hijack's options? 
·  What options for Hijack are available in config.ini? 
·  What does ir_translate do and how do I configure it? 
·  How do I access the built in FTP server, and what can I do with it? 
·  How do I access the built in web (HTTP) server, and what can I do with it? 
·  How can I secure my player if i'm on a LAN? 
·  Why am I getting a "Hijack Config Error" message at boot up? 
·  Why doesn't the temperature ever change in 'Vital Signs'? 
·  What are the Patch files for (as opposed to the .zimage files)? 
·  I can't get the Restore Visuals feature to work! 
·  What other Userland Apps have been made to work with Hijack? 
·  How can I compensate Mark Lord for this work of genius? 
·  How do I adjust the VolAdj settings, and what do they mean? 
·  FAQ Changelog 

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