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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Hijack Kernel Questions
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·  About Hijack FAQ. 
·  What is the Hijack Kernel? 
·  What features does Hijack offer? 
·  What does Hijack require to work? 
·  Where can I get Hijack? 
·  Is it dangerous to install Hijack or a hacked Kernel? 

·  How do I install Hijack?
 (Entry last updated on February 18th, 2014)

MS-Windows users: Use Tony Fabris' Empeg Logo Editor to install the Hijack Kernel. Snag it from the Downloads section of this site here (and you should probably check out Tony's FAQ entry on the subject). Follow these simple directions:

  1. Connect the serial cable that came with the empeg/RioCar to your computer and to the player.
  2. Plug the Power cable up to the player.
  3. Startup the Empeg Logo Editor program.
  4. Select the appropriate COM port from the File -> Select COM Port menu
  5. Select File -> Kernel flash utility, read the warning, and click yes if you haven't already disabled it.
  6. Logo Editor will prompt you for the .zImage file. Find it and click Open.
  7. The kernel will be installed, and the player rebooted. If the Logo Editor doesn't find the empeg/RioCar, unplug the power and plug it back in.
  8. YOU DID IT! Easy as pie.
Linux/Unix Users: Grab the download.c source code (original Linux version here, alternate versions here), and compile and run it under Linux as follows:
cc -o download download.c
## Power OFF your player, and connect up the factory serial cable
./download ZZZZZZZZZZ.zImage 10000
## The program will now prompt you to power up the player
Of course, you'll have to replace the 'ZZZZZZZZZ' with the correct kernel filename. The commands may be slightly different depending on which flavor of Unix you're running.

Mac/Other users: You're SOL for the time being (unless there's a way i'm not aware of). It's being discussed as an addon to Jemplode at the moment. I'll keep ya posted.

Once you've got Hijack installed, it will allow you to perform future kernel updates via ethernet, which is much faster than flashing via serial connection.

To update via FTP, you simply FTP the kernel .zimage to /proc/empeg_kernel which is a device node that Hijack creates (note that empeg_kernel is NOT a directory). If you're doing it command line style, you'd use something like this (where v135.hijack... is the actual file name of the kernel):
put v135.hijack...zImage /proc/empeg_kernel
If you're using a graphical FTP client, then you'll want to rename the .zimage file to "empeg_kernel", then just upload it to /proc and it will overwrite the current kernel.

If it doesn't work, try pausing the player before uploading (flashing). The kernel will be flashed and the player will reboot. If it doesn't automatically reboot, then manually reboot the player to apply the new kernel.

Remember, it will show up as a FILE in your graphical FTP client, not a directory or device.

NOTE: By default, the Hijack FTP and HTTP servers only run when the player is in AC/HOME mode. If you are having trouble accessing these features, check to make sure the player isn't in DC/CAR mode.

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