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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Hijack Kernel Questions
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·  About Hijack FAQ. 
·  What is the Hijack Kernel? 
·  What features does Hijack offer? 
·  What does Hijack require to work? 
·  Where can I get Hijack? 
·  Is it dangerous to install Hijack or a hacked Kernel? 
·  How do I install Hijack? 
·  Is there a way to automatically update Hijack with the newest release? 
·  How do I access Hijack's menu on the empeg/RioCar? 
·  What do all of the Hijack menu items do? 
·  How do I configure Hijack's options? 
·  What options for Hijack are available in config.ini? 
·  What does ir_translate do and how do I configure it? 
·  How do I access the built in FTP server, and what can I do with it? 
·  How do I access the built in web (HTTP) server, and what can I do with it? 
·  How can I secure my player if i'm on a LAN? 
·  Why am I getting a "Hijack Config Error" message at boot up? 
·  Why doesn't the temperature ever change in 'Vital Signs'? 
·  What are the Patch files for (as opposed to the .zimage files)? 
·  I can't get the Restore Visuals feature to work! 
·  What other Userland Apps have been made to work with Hijack? 
·  How can I compensate Mark Lord for this work of genius? 
·  How do I adjust the VolAdj settings, and what do they mean? 

·  FAQ Changelog
 (Entry last updated on July 30th, 2002)

-created changelog.
-added docked serial info in notify=1 section of config.ini entry.
-added basic HTTP server info.

-added BassAdj and TrebleAdj to Virtual Button Codes in config.ini entry, implemented in v239
-removed dance=xxxx options from config.ini as it was removed in v238
-added Button Illumination Level in menu items entry
-added note about front/back time delay not being possible in hardware
-added one: Bass Adjust and Tone: Treble Adjust to the menu items entry
-added a paragraph to the "What is the Hijack Kernel" entry.
-added Jemplode option to autoupdate entry
-added symbolic names table with updated info

-removed notify=1 requirement from Tone Controls in menu description section

-added "Hijack Config Error" entry.

-added popUp info to .U and .N modifiers in ir_translate section, thanks to a find by Bruno

-added volume_boost and disable_bassboost_FM info to the config.ini entry, which was added in Hijack 247.
-added Power, Hush, Equalizer and Visual- (which is for the Stalk) to the symbolic names table in the ir_translate entry.
-added buttonled_off option in config.ini table.
-added Sony Stalk info to the ir_translate and config.ini entries. (note to self... figure out what stalk_rhs and stalk_lhs do in config.ini and add that info)

-fixed "supress_notify" to "suppress_notify", as it was fixed in v252

-strike through on button_pacing in config.ini section

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