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Category: Main -> Mk. Two


empeg car Mk.2

The Mk.2 player was born from the necessity of improving production rates by redesigning for near-100% surface mount components and introducing an automated circuit test rig. We couldn't bring ourselves to produce a new revision without introducing some new features, and the creeping feature creature was soon at work! The new player received an improved audio stage, 10BaseT Ethernet (we couldn't do 100Mbit due to a lack of DMA), display dimming, more memory, microphone input (for future Voice Recognition support), rotary front panel control, improved docking and a stylish new look. The tuner was moved out to an external module, partly to improve isolation from the noisy processor bus and partly to facilitate future upgrades for digital radio.




220MHz StrongARM S-1100-DA

Flash memory





12Mb 60ns FPM






16 bit sign-magnitude, fourfold oversampling digital filters, noise shaping



128 x 32 dot matrix vacuum fluorescent display, 2 bits per pixel



SIR IrDA I/O, Consumer IR input



4 pushbuttons, 1 rotary+push

HDD ports


ATA 2.5" HDD standard 2MM header

HDD physical


ATA 2.5" HDD up to 17mm, corner mounting screws

Serial IO


9-pin PC serial port, data rate to 230Kbits/s, also docked in-car



12Mbit/s standard type B socket on head unit



10BaseT RJ45 socket on head unit

Power input


+12V on ISO connector fused at 2A with inline fuseholder



Negative earth only

Auxillary control output


+12V @ 1A maximum on ISO connector

Audio outputs


4V line level front & rear stereo RCA line jacks, 1V stereo RCA sockets on head unit

Audio inputs


1V line level stereo RCA line jacks

Other features


On board temperature sensor
Software controlled display brightness
Display night mode input
Audio mute input (for mobile phones)

Manufacturing Pics

The empeg car was manufactured by contractors in the UK, using a state of the art automated production line. We were set to produce around 1,000 units per month with the option to increase this if necessary. In fact it was not necessary!

production floor at Hansatech, Dorset

small batch of main boards hot off the SMT line

the main board test rig - analyses over 400 signals

a partly assembled player

isolated EMC chamber in California, for FCC approval testing

ready for disks, lid and fascia

Some More Pics

our dash mockup for exhibitions

installed in our Mercedes A140 demo car

a rendered view of the player, taken from the fascia CAD

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