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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Networking and home connection questions
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·  I don't have a serial port on my PC. Is the serial port required? 
·  Which is faster, USB or Ethernet? 
·  How do I hook up the player with ethernet? 
·  Why can't I get ethernet to work? 
·  Can I use the ethernet connection with the car docking sled? 

·  Can the Rio Car player be used as a server for the Rio Receiver?
 (Entry last updated on July 16th, 2004)

Not at this time. There is no Rio Receiver server built into the car player software.

Although it is possible to port the server software to Linux and run it on the car player (someone actually demo'd this very thing at one of the user meets), the database code eats up a lot of memory. So having the player be a server and also having it continue to work as a player at the same time probably isn't going to work very well.

You're welcome to give it a shot yourself, if you like. If you come up with something that works well, let us know.

Please note that with the proper software, you can stream songs from the player via ethernet, but this is not the same thing as being a Rio Receiver server.

·  Can the Rio Car player play streaming audio from a Rio Receiver server? 
·  Can I use a wireless ethernet connection to the player? 
·  Can I connect the headphone output from another device to the aux input of the player? 
·  Can I use headphones to listen to the player directly? 
·  How can I listen to the player on my computer? 
·  I can't hear the empeg through my computer speakers! 
·  Where can I get a spare AC power supply for my player? 
·  Can the Rio Car connect to other USB devices such as portable USB hard drives? 
·  Can I connect to the player via FTP or HTTP? 
·  Can I connect to my player 'by name' over ethernet? 

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