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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Basic questions about the car player and the company
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·  What is the difference between the empeg Car and the Rio Car? 
·  Has the Rio Car been discontinued? 
·  Where can I buy one? 
·  Will there ever be a car player Mark 3? 
·  What came in the box with the Rio Car player? 
·  What are the basic specifications of the player? 
·  How does the Rio Car compare to other car MP3 players on the market? 
·  How is the music organized on the player? Is it easy to find a given tune? 
·  Do I need to know Linux to use the Rio Car player? 
·  How are the hard disks going to hold up to the vibration of a car? 
·  Can I use the Rio Car player in an audio competition? 
·  Why were laptop drives used? Desktop drives are cheaper. 
·  Why doesn't it play MP3 CD-R discs? 
·  Why doesn't it have a removable faceplate? Why must the whole unit be pulled from the dash? 
·  Why only 10BaseT ethernet? Why didn't you put 100BaseT on the Mark 2 player? 
·  Do I need a separate amplifier, or will the Rio Car drive my speakers directly? 

·  How do I put music onto the player? Do I need to bring a laptop into the car?
 (Entry last updated on July 1st, 2006)

You do not need to bring a laptop into the car. The player pulls out of the dash so you can bring it to your PC in the house.

First, you get some digital music files, such as MP3s. You can create them yourself from your own CD collection, using one of many different PC software titles. These programs are widely available, some are even free. You probably already have one on your PC, they often come bundled with new PCs or CD-R drives. Or, you can download your music from internet sites such as mp3.com.

If you are on a Windows PC, install and run the included Emplode software. Plug the player into the USB port using the included cable (ethernet and serial connections are also supported). Drag your music files from the Windows explorer onto Emplode. If desired, organize your music by creating playlists of your songs. Then press the Synchronize button. It will take a few moments to send the songs to the player.

If you are on a Macintosh, you may use the free JEmplode utility with the serial or ethernet connectors.

If you are on a Linux PC, you may use the Emptool utility, available from the empeg web site. JEmplode also works great on Linux, or in fact, almost any operating system, since it's written in Java.

·  What operating systems are supported? 
·  What kind of music files will it play? Will it play VQF/AAC/MPEG4/OGG/MP3Pro, etc.? 
·  Does the player work with iTunes? 
·  Does the player support audio books? 
·  Does the tuner support XM radio or Sirius radio? 
·  What RDS features does the tuner support? 
·  What parts of the software are open-source? 
·  I want to start encoding my CD collection for use on the Rio Car now! Is there anything I need to keep in mind? 
·  What is the largest disk drive I can put in the player? 
·  What do all the buttons do? 
·  What does the serial number represent? 
·  How do I upgrade my software? 
·  How can I get a replacement blue lens? The official Rio add-on lens kits don't have blue. 
·  What is the 'Security' slot on the back of the player for? 
·  If my player is stolen, is there anything I can do? 
·  If I purchase a player second-hand, will the one-year warranty still be honored? 
·  How do I get support or repairs? 

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