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Category: Main -> Mk1 Hardware

·   Mk1 Docking Connector Pinouts
·   Finding Additional Mk1 Docking Connectors

·  Mk1 Docking Connector Pinouts

 1: +12V (and +12V line on serial cable)
 2: Serial Yellow Wire
 3: Rear Output Right
 4: Rear Output Ground
 5: Rear Output Left
 6: Aux Input Right
 7: Accessory Power Out / Serial Blue Wire
 8: Antenna 
 9: GND
10: Serial Red Wire
11: Front Output Right
12: Front Output Ground
13: Front Output Left
14: Aux Input Left
15: Aux Input Ground
16: Antenna Ground

Lots of different grounds - but they're all necessary, as I'm sure someone from Empeg will tell you as well... :)

Contributed by Daniel M. Zimmerman

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·  Finding Additional Mk1 Docking Connectors

Farnell sells them: www.farnell.com, I think the part numbers are RP16 and RS16, though I don't have the Farnell order codes to hand. You want an RP16 as this is the plug - a search should turn this up.

Contributed by Hugo Fiennes

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